Monday, 10 February 2014

Combing Barrios Altos

Saturday 9th February AM. We divide in teams, working on either side of the chosen axis and stopping at key points to gather more detailed information. This pilot walk reveals that the labyrinthine typology of the buildings in Barrios Altos hides many aspects such as land use, that cannot be noted through observation only from the street. The pilot walk is seen as key to refine the research questions, the information to be gathered and the method.

While mapping, the leaders of Barrios Altos, also take this opportunity to reach out to their neighbours and inform them about how to acquire basic services as well as resist eviction.


  1. Hello! Excellent job with the B.A community. I'm an Peruvian architecture student, i'd like to know if you have published the results of the workshop and mapping. Thank you and congratulations on the impressive work!