Thursday 13 November 2014

Strategy Building Mapping Workshop

The strategy building mapping workshop took place in Lima from the 10th -12th of November.  The incremental steps to be taken to halt the unwanted change were identified in both Barrios Altos and JCM. 

In JCM, strong pressure from land traffickers is claiming large areas of land upslope. The opening up of roads and selling of plots is leading to the fast urbanisation of areas considered in physical risk. The trafficking is creating conflicts on the territory, not only because of encroach on the perimeter of existing settlements, but also and more importantly, because it is increasing risk for those living lower down the slope.    
The JCM mappers identified and marked all the pressure points from the land trafficking activities, noting the areas which needed to be conserved as open spaces. The main strategy which emerged, is the need for each settlement to form a Committee for Open Spaces, recognised and registered in the Municipality, as well a larger association bringing these different committees together. Exploring all the legal avenues and the various front to work in parallel to stop land traffickers, they agreed that the recognition of the committees have to go hand in hand with the recognition of the territory over which they will exert their rights. They will produce a map of these open spaces and seek to have it certified by the municipality.

Barrios Altos, having shared the progress made so far with the mapping of their own block, developed the steps and time frames to strengthen the internal organisation and gain greater visibility towards the outside. Priority areas were identified on the map, in order to first reach out to those who are in imminent threat of eviction. In this way, organising around particular problems was seen as the way to strengthen collective action and widen the network. Other steps included the contact with already organised groups and getting newspapers to publish and make visible particular issues. To support this, maps of evictions, change of use into storage and  water distribution, will be produced.