Friday 25 April 2014

Virtually Reconstructing Lima: Drones, Community Mapping and 3D printers

The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, the Bartlett Development Planning Unit and the Swiss NGO Drone Adventures, joined local partners in Lima from the 2nd to the 11th of February to map the two case study areas of Barrios Altos and José Carlos Mariátegui. Communities from Lima engaged in a mapping expedition using cutting edge technologies such as mapping drones, to explore new innovative 3D mapping pathways for areas that are undergoing an otherwise 'invisible' change.

Capturing and visualizing the current view of the city opens up possibilities for a more complete understanding of the environment we live in, leading towards a participatory and sustainable planning process. The first workshop was successfully completed, and the results are fascinating. The team is currently in Lima to engage in a second mapping workshop, and is working closely with Fora Ciudades Para La Vida, and community organisations.

Barrios Altos, animation from ScanLAB Projects on Vimeo.

José Carlos Mariátegui, animation from ScanLAB projects on Vimeo.

The drone outputs were sent remotely to London from Lima, in order to be 3D printed. The aim is to create an installation suitable for community planning purposes in the two areas. The 3D outputs are converted into meshes and are then printed using a Makerbot 2 Replicator.

For information about the 3d mapping work please contact @en_topia on twitter
For information about the field work please contact Adriana Allen or Rita Lambert

Sunday 6 April 2014

ReMapLima Drone aerial for Tracing in OpenStreetMap

Great news! The aerial photo shot with a Sensefly eBee drone, in the Jose Carlos Marietaguil area as part of the ReMap Lima project, is now available in OpenStreetMap for tracing. The areal is donated by Drone Adventures to the OpenStreetMap Community and is of very high resolution, "capturing multiple square miles down to zoom level 21 — plenty for street level mapping".
The imagery is hosted on Mapbox, allowing anyone to Log in as an editor and start mapping.

JCM area is currently unmapped and an area which goes through constant changes.  CASA, DPU and Community members from Lima, will soon be joining back to Lima towards the development of the online mapping platform.

Here is the link to start mapping:

JCM, Lima Peru

For new OSM users, note that you can create an account in OSM. To load the aerial on the online editor, add a Custom Background and paste:{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

Drone Adventures released also four new UAV imagery layers of their recent deployments for tracing on OpenStreetMap. For more information please visit Alex Barth's blog.

JCM area, Lima Peru , via Alex Barth

Within the first 3 days the area is already being mapped:

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OpenStreetMap - Current Edits