Tuesday 9 June 2015

Remap Lima feed into new research project cLima Sin Riesgo

A final field trip in May 2015, before the closure of the project, allows an evaluation of the progress made so far and the lessons learnt through this mapping process. A documentary and exhibitions in both London and Lima will soon arrive, so watch this space.
Remap Lima gets a continuation through the research project cLima Sin Riesgo: http://www.climasinriesgo.net/

The mapping of everyday risk in both Jose Carlos Mariategui and Barrios Altos is currently being undertaken to understand risk distribution and accumulation.

Discussing enumeration at a large scale as a means for collective action and organization to resist eviction and unwanted change. An announcement has now been made by the new administration that 40% of Barrios Altos is to be demolished. Picture-Luise Fischer